Dyno website redesign 2016

Back in 2016 Indicia were asked to redesign the website for Dyno, I worked on the UI designs and digital visual identity for the update.

I was briefed to design Dyno a new website that will meet all business objectives and standout against the competition. We were tasked with creating an engaging and user friendly site that would make dyno.com the choice when booking an engineer.

Year: 2016

Agency: Indicia

Role: Design and Direction

Creative Direction: Andy Barwood

Dyno website redesign, visual identity update and photography art direction. Freelance webstie design Bristol
Dyno website redesign, visual identity update and photography art direction, freelance design bristol
Dyno website redesign, digital visual identity redesign, and photography set creation. Digital design Bristol, Bath, South West
Dyno web design, visual identity design, photography set direction. Digital art direction Bristol
Dyno mobile screen designs, small viewport. Freelance digital design Bristol,  Bath
Dyno digital visual identity design. Freelance graphic and digital design Bristol and Bath
Dyno photography set, Art Direction, freelance design
Dyno iconography set, graphic design, illustration, icon set