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KMMS Japan offers a range of services that promise to optimise workflow, cost and quality and maximise marketing effectiveness.

To promote these services they came to Indicia Worldwide with a brief to develop a client-centric, benefit led, overarching brand positioning and proposition (brand strategy), and to create a brand identity that considered the product/service naming conventions, descriptions and visual identities needed to show a unified and compelling product offering.

We developed an overarching brand identity, with a system of graphics and photography utilised to differentiate between the four specific products; Go Insight, Go Analytics, Go Works and Go Dynamics.

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A style guide was created, within it I outlined the visual identity for the parent and child brands. Each of the four services had its own logo and styling, so communications for each of them could be differentiated. The style guide provided guidance and examples for print collateral, social media, online and events.

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We shot a suite of photography for them to use with their marketing materials.

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Digital designs for large and small viewports.

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