Igniting print possibilities campaign

Design, design direction, set design, packaging and label designs


Creative Direction: Tristan Pride.

Creative team: Sam Rickwood, Rob Lloyd.

Additional design: Nat Coombes.

Konica minolta IPP see the potential campaign

Inspiring professional printers to enter a new dimension of print possibilities

Brief – In a rapidly-changing print business industry, challenged on all sides, our mission was to show that Konica Minolta are truly on the side of small print business owners.

Targeting a niche European audience – circa 7,000 small, micro and family business owners – whose job is to invest in the right technology to secure the future of their business. They are frequently paralysed by indecision, because the wrong decision could mean game over.

Our job was to show this niche audience what they needed most: inspiration and clear direction – all while delivering unprecedented engagement.

While other manufacturers talk speeds, feeds and functions, Konica Minolta took a completely different approach. Talking to the audience as creatives, not just printers. Like a real partner.

As research told us, the challenges our audience face can’t be solved by printing faster. But by embodying creativity; craft; new techniques. So we put them at the heart of our film, in a way not seen before. And created a blockbuster to inspire the SMB print world to ‘See the potential’.

Taking a modest, empty studio, we transformed it into a awe-inspiring world made entirely of print – produced on the new Konica Minolta printer lineup. We then filmed our own print hero as he journeyed through the different paper-based worlds: in one stunning shot. Why? Because we knew to inspire our audience, it was vital to show the same passion for craft as they do.

KM ipp studio plan

I created a series of backgrounds and props to be used within the film.

KM ipp studio plan2
Konica minolta IPP see the potential campaign6
Konica minolta IPP see the potential campaign8
KM ipp studio plan3
Konica minolta IPP see the potential campaign7

As part of the campaign I worked on a full suite of materials, from trade adverts and social posts to a landing page and series of emails.

Konica minolta IPP see the potential campaign3
Konica minolta IPP see the potential campaign4
Konica minolta IPP see the potential campaign2
Konica minolta IPP see the potential campaign11

A playbook containing an overview of the various assets was created for marketing managers at Konica Minolta.

Konica minolta IPP see the potential campaign10
Konica minolta IPP see the potential campaign9

Motion by Dan Harman.

Behind the scenes of the shoot.

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