Konica Minolta Healthcare America RSNA event identity design

Concept, visual design, direction


Kmha rsna event imagine more design 2021

KMHA is the main Healthcare manufacturer in the Konica Minolta family and specialises in Radiology & Sonography hardware and software helping their customers to make better decisions sooner by developing point of care technologies that integrate, visualise and automate medical systems.

Indicia Worldwide were tasked to help them clearly articulate, in design and messaging, their role within the Radiology market, engage and attract Radiologists, Radiology department heads and senior managers so that they can showcase their products and services.

Our proposal, Imagine More, brought to life their proposition in a visually engaging and appropriate way.

At Konica Minolta Healthcare we constantly question traditional thinking and challenge the status quo, striving to ensure a healthier future for everyone. Every day, we imagine a better world for you and your patients, and then work relentlessly to make it a reality. So you can imagine more…

Kmha rsna event concept rationale 2021

As well as creating the visual identity for the event we also created the designs for the RSNA event stands, marketing materials including; trade press advertising, social media imagery, images for email marketing and screensavers for the product areas.

Kmha rsna event stand design 2021
Kmha rsna event trade advert promotion DDR 2021
Kmha rsna event trade advert promotion 2021
Kmha rsna event stand design mammo 2021
Kmha rsna event social media imagery 2021
Kmha rsna event design identity 2021

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