Rethink visual identity for Konica Minolta

Visual identity design, brand guidelines, iterative development, design direction, design rollout

2018 – present

Rethink konica minolta visuals

Konica Minolta is a global company offering a diverse portfolio of products and services, once known for their cameras, they wanted to convey their transformation into a global solutions provider, driven by the needs of their customers. Their existing marketing materials communicated the brand in a disparate and incoherent way. There was a need for a system that could accommodate their broad range of products and services while providing the flexibility to effectively communicate the benefits of each.

Involved from the start, I worked with copywriters and creative directors to develop the visual aspects of the brand framework, called Rethink, Rethink symbolises redefining and looking at things differently. From new perspectives and new angles. To Rethink is to reframe, and to strive to do things better.

The frame, the graphic embodiment of rethink, was inspired by shapes found in the Konica Minolta brand mark, a bold, recognisable and ownable device that visually represented the commitment to Rethink the way things are done.

Since its launch Rethink has been adopted by additional divisions of Konica Minolta, we've developed guidelines and examples for a broad range of applications, including digital, social, brochure, events and showrooms.

Rethink visual identity elements
Rethink brand guidelines design develop
Km rethink poster icw 48
Rethink billboard ooh design
Rethink brand in action posters ooh
Rethink brochure cover examples
Rethink event stand design
Rethink event branding design escalator
Rethink interactive screen design events
Rethink brand in action posters

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